About IRL VC

Ireland Virtual Cycling or as it was formerly named ‘Team IRL’ was founded in October 2018 by Passionist Cyclists both Season and New from Ireland North and South. This has since grown from strength to strength, what started out as a small group of friends with the idea of bringing all cyclist from the island of Ireland or if you’ve emerald blood in you together to create a craic filled community of cyclists has just just exploded with popularity with our members increasing daily.

We are growing exponentially, our community is now over 4300 on Facebook and our newly rebranded Team RWB (#ridingwithoutborders|#racingwithoutborders) members registered on Zwiftpower (the Zwift results service) the last count was 1320, the 8th largest team in the World.

Join our racing Team RWB

Welcome to our newly rebranded Team RWB! If you are Irish, have Irish blood in you, living on the island of Ireland, North or South or just want to ride/race your bike from anywhere in the world; you are very welcome

If you’re looking for a team to make your time on Zwift more enjoyable with a bit of craic along the way you’ve come to the right place, all new members whether social or racers who share a passion for cycling would be more than welcome to join Team RWB.

We have the best inclusive community of members on Zwift that will help with added encouragement, friendship, craic as well as working to improve our fitness. 

Our Events


HOW DO I JOIN THE TEAM ?  The team is free to join as you are already paying your subscription to Zwift. Membership of the team is maintained through Facebook and Zwiftpower to make it easier for members. 

WHEN ARE THE IRL VC RIDES ON?  Team RWB have 4 official Zwift events, Cycling Ireland 3 and Triathlon Ireland 1. RWB events are held on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. We run 1 hour Social group ride on a Monday evening at 19:30 local Irish time. We have a structured weekly Wednesday Workout session at 19:00. Our races whether single day races or series/league are run on a Friday evening at 19:00 local Irish time. We have a dedicated Women’s only race also. We run an endurance Social group ride on a Sunday morning at 09:00 local Irish time. This varies in length and we cater for all abilities.

C.I have a mixture of events and more details can be found here. They include group rides, workout and races on a Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. T.I have a race league which runs every Wednesday night. More info can be found here.

Team RWB also race in well established races on the Zwift Calendar like the WTRL Zwift Racing League on a Tuesday as well as the WTRL Team Time Trials on a Thursday. 

HOW TO RECOGNISE TEAM RWB MEMBERS IN ZWIFT ?  When in the world of Zwift, Team RWB members will mostly ride with RWB at the end of their name and usually be in basic kit 2 (the green one) to be easily identified.